Honyen HD Balun

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Honyen HD balun is our new collection for the up to date new HD analog cameras of HD-TVI by HKvision, HD-CVI by Dahua and HD-AMD. By having the bandwidth of the classic CCTV video balun increased from 8Mhz to 60Mhz, it enable you to build your new HD analogue CCTV surveillance system over UTP. More conveniently, this product is backward compliant and will also work well with CVBS. With this advantage you can use it to build your analogue CCTV surveillance system without much consideration about what kind of camera are you using.

HY-105A-HD is one of the two connectable design of our baluns. It use a classic block terminal and wish a built-in ESD which can protect a surge voltage up to 4kv and a static up to 8kv. With innovative connectable design you can have the baluns connected together. With this function you can make your rack tidy and professional. 




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