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Products Preview: HY-109C-HD is the superstar in Honyen HD Video balun family. It's unique male/female structure enable you to have the baluns connected one after another. The advantage of this design you can compare the two pictures below: 



It's obviously that the rack with HY-109C-HD is much better than the one with HY-102C-HD, you're client would be much happier with it. 

Why will HD Balun goes better with AHD/TVI/CVI than the regular video balun?

    The main difference between the HD balun and regular video balun is that the new HD Balun will works well under the frequency of 0~60MHz while the old video balun will work under the frequency of 0~8MHz. You know for the resolution of AHD/TVI/CVI can be up to 1080p and they'll work under the frequency around 20MHz ~ 60MHz. In this situation if you use the regular video balun there would be interference or noise in the picture but will have no noise at all with HD balun. Honyen HD balun is one of the best solution for HD Analog AHD/TVI/CVI to be transmitted over UTP. 

Is it possible to transmit the Analog Video via UTP with the new HD Balun?

    Sure of course you can do it. As you know the frequency of the analog video signal is only 8~20MHz but the new HD Balun will work with a frequency from 8~60MHz so it's no problem to transmit the analog video by HD Balun over UTP. So, as Honyen HD Balun will provide you with a turnkey solution for AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS, why to buy other video balun




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