A brief introduction of the BNCs used in Honyen Balun family

        Many customers will complain that the cost of Honyen baluns are higher than some other supplier. We do agree that     compared to some same looking baluns our price would be a little higher but not much. You know the cost of the baluns       would be influenced by the cost of it's complonent. Today I'd like to briefly introduce the difference of three BNCs used in      Honyen Baluns.


Copper BNC:

       We have two different  copper BNC which for the high value          baluns   for the demanding customers. The one above is for baluns with pigtail    and the one below for baluns  with no pig tail. The high light of it is that    the  inner ring which will take part in the transmission of signal is nickel  plated copper. As everybody know that the copper has a much better     electrical conductivity than zinc alloy and nickel plated copper can better  resist to oxidation. It will have a much longer life expectancy than the zinc alloy BNC. Of course it's cost would be much higher than it's counter part.

High Density Zinc Alloy BNC

        High density Zinc Alloy BNC is a better quality Zinc alloy BNC than   the standard one. It's density is much higher so it's electrical conductivity is much better than the standard zinc alloy BNC. The baluns with this     BNC are for the less demanding market wich has an excellent balance    between the cost and quality. It's very popular in the market.

Standard Zinc Alloy BNC

        Baluns with standard zinc alloy BNC are for the price sensitive       market which has the largest market share for it's competitive price.      It'll   meet the basic demand of RoHs standard and can ensure the        picture transmission quality. Baluns with this BNC are ideal choice for  cost  sensititve project.




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